Water Well Maintenance Program

Sustainable best practice for maintaining water well production & water quality...

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The Water Well Asset Management Program is a custom designed preventative maintenance program that includes regularly scheduled cleaning and monitoring to maintain peak performance, lower operational costs and extend service life.


  • Improve & Maintain Well Performance
  • Predictable Costs (Flat Annual Fee)
  • Extend Asset Life
  • Reduce Operational Cost
  • Maintain Consistent Water Quality
  • Transfer Rehabilitation Risks
  • Single Source Responsibility
  • Improved Knowledge of Well Condition
  • Enables Proactive Well Management
  • Spread Initial Rehabilitation Investment


  • Comprehensive Condition Assessment
  • Custom Designed Rehabilitation
  • Pump/Motor Repair/Replacement if Required
  • Annual Well & Pump Inspection/Reporting
  • Annual Preventative Maintenance Cleaning
  • Future Rehabilitations if Required
  • Standby Emergency Service

Gain peace of mind knowing that your well assets are being cared for by a single source…
the leading experts in ground water asset management.

Utility Service Group has partnered with Subsurface Technologies, Inc. the recognized leader in ground water to offer a broad range of well rehabilitation technologies, including AQUA GARD® a unique, sustainable approach to improve and maintain well performance. AQUA GARD® incorporates the permanent placement of energy injection equipment installed in the well alongside the pump, allowing wells to be effectively maintained without removing the pump. A scheduled periodic cleaning service is performed, usually in 1 day, reducing down time and cost while insuring that the well surfaces are kept clean, stabilizing raw water quality and increasing flow and capacity.

  • Improve and Maintain Well Performance
    The use of CO2 achieves greater energy delivery and deeper penetration than other technologies.
  • Maintain Consistent Water Quality / Environmentally Sustainable
    Custom designed cleaning schedule provides for maintenance of water quality by preventing interim buildup of mineralization and/or biofilm, reducing chemical treatment costs and environmental Impact.
  • Reduce Operational Cost and Extend Asset Life
    Preventative maintenance lowers life cycle cost by eliminating the need to recover from significant production losses due to fouling. This is achieved by maintaining a greater flow, significantly increasing production over the life of the asset while simultaneously reducing pumping costs.

Staffed by experienced field crews and backed by the industry’s leading experts, we deliver custom engineered asset management programs for the unique characteristics of each well.

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Water Well Maintenance (click on brochure to download pdf)
Well Maintenance Program
Our Water Well Maintenance Program is an all-inclusive preventative maintenance program that covers all well assets, and includes initial rehabilitation, annual cleanings, future rehabilitations and pump and motor repairs/replacements to maintain guaranteed performance for a fixed annual fee.
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Well Maintenance Program



White Papers

Preventive Well Maintenance Reduces Costs

Preventive Well Maintenance Reduces Costs
Neil Mansuy & Gregory P. Miller, Subsurface Technologies, Inc.
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Water Well Asset Management (more information)

Proactive Well Cleaning Saves Money and Reduces Downtime

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Provided by Rock Drilling S.A., Chile

STI has been providing well rehabilitation services for the past 20 years. During that period we have treated more than 6000 wells worldwide,and have come to believe that it is far better to maintain yield and efficiencies than to try to recover them. This experience has led to the development of Aqua Gard™ Preventative Well Maintenance Systems, where proactive rather than reactive cleaning has proved to be more efficient and much more economical for the client. In addition, because well and geological formation surfaces are kept clean, raw water quality is improved.

The Aqua Gard™ system includes the placement of energy injection equipment permanently installed with the pump in place, allowing for the regularly scheduled, routine, preventative service to the well without removing the pump. The system can be installed in wells that are equipped with both submersible and vertical line shaft turbine pumps. Local raw water quality, specific well operation and historical rate of well plugging will determine the intervals between services. Aqua Gard™ is ideal for new well installation or for installation following a major well rehabilitation effort. Wells that experience severe and rapid fouling recognize a financial and efficiency benefit from the onset.


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Provided by Rock Drilling S.A., Chile
  • Highly effective cleaning with the pump in place.
  • Short down time, usually just 1 day!
  • 100% Environmentally sound... No Spent Chemicals
Aqua Gard™ Benefits:
  • Improved Well Performance
  • Lower Cost for Well Maintenance
  • No Need to Pull the Pump
  • Reduced Energy Costs
  • Maintains Well Production
  • Keep Surfaces Clean
  • Less Unsafe Bacterial Samples
  • Increases the Life of the Well
  • Maintains Pore Volume in the Well and Aquifier
The Aqua Gard™ System Is Ideal For: (click here)
  • Screened wells
  • Open hole wells
  • Vertical
  • Horizontal
  • Collector wells
  • Injection wells
  • Environmental recovery wells
A Well Equipped and Serviced with Aqua Gard™ Will: (click here)
  • Produce more consistent yields
  • Significantly reduce electric cost
  • Increase the life of the well
  • Reduce well cleaning cost
  • Improve Water quality

Aqua Gard™ is the latest product in our line of innovative technologies. The Aqua Gard™ system is for preventative well maintenance. AquaGard™ inhibits well plugging and the resulting lost well capacity. Aqua Gard™ incorporates the permanent placement of energy injection equipment installed in the well alongside the well pump allowing wells to be effectively maintained without removing the pump. A scheduled periodic cleaning service is performed usually in 1 day, reducing down time and cost while insuring that the well surfaces are kept clean for improved water quality and increased flow and capacity.