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October 24, 2016 - SUEZ and Belco Pipe Restoration Agreement

SUEZ (formerly Utility Service Co.) and Belco Pipe Restoration today announced an agreement in principle that provides the basis for ongoing cooperation and collaboration regarding the supply of structural Spray-in-Place Pipe Rehabilitation Services throughout the United States.

Engineered by Belco, the new structural Spray-in-Place Pipeline rehabilitation process is a trenchless, efficient and long-lasting solution for the restoration of aging underground piping systems. This versatile solution works on pipes ranging from 1 ¼ inches to 72 inches in diameter, both vertical and horizontal. The innovative technology uses a computer-controlled, advanced robotic spray application rig to apply an internal epoxy pipe lining in-situ.

The NSF 61-approved, 100%-solids epoxy coating bonds with the pipe, thus preventing and sealing cracks, and it moves with the structure thanks to its high level of elasticity, abating leaks caused by settling. Once cured, it creates a structural seal inside the pipe which restores the pipeline to its original design parameters, prevents future leaks and protects against contaminants leaching into the system.

“The Spray-in-Place Pipe process helps extend the service life of aging piping systems while minimizing maintenance costs as well as down-time,” explained Miguel Molina, Vice President, Technology Services at SUEZ. “It is a great addition to our portfolio of sustainable solutions,” he said.

SUEZ presented the new service offering at the recent WEFTEC® Technical Exhibition and Conference in New Orleans, gathering a lot of attention from several water and wastewater utilities. The new Spray-in-place Pipe process is the latest addition to the company’s portfolio of rehabilitation technologies and services which includes one-of-a-kind, maintenance programs for wells, tanks and concrete assets, filters and meters.

June 16, 2016 - SUEZ Water Advanced Solutions Announces Acquisition of Peerless Midwest, Inc.

SUEZ Water Advanced Solutions today announced that it has completed the acquisition of Peerless Midwest, Inc., an Indiana-based company providing water well services in the Great Lakes area.

Founded in 1973, Peerless-Midwest, Inc. is a premier supplier of water well and hydrogeologic services in the states of Indiana and Michigan. Their reputation, leadership and employees are known throughout their service area and they are regarded with the highest recognition for quality and performance.

“This acquisition will consolidate our leadership position as a well asset management solutions provider in the North-East” explains SUEZ Water Advanced Solutions CEO Dominique Demessence. “It was also a natural fit as both companies share common values of quality work, dependability and excellent customer service” he adds.

SUEZ’s water well service offering has expanded considerably over the past year and now includes - in addition to drilling, cleaning and rehabilitation services - a one-of-a-kind well asset maintenance program. This unique preventative maintenance program incorporates regularly-scheduled cleaning and monitoring to maintain the peak performance of well assets, extend their service life and lower operational costs.