Trihalomethane Removal System (TRS)

TRS - Trihalomethane Removal System

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Intelligent design and reliable performance. Nature’s Aeration Process

TRS is an in-tank THM removal system designed to facilitate Stage 2 DBP Rule compliance. Utilizing a field-proven proprietary model, our TRS is a custom designed, right-sized, turn-key sustainable solution for THM removal in potable water storage facilities.

• Custom designed
• Energy efficient
• Reliably installed
• Performance optimized
• Small footprint
• Quickly deployed

The TRS is a custom-designed turn-key aeration system to reduce THM levels in potable water storage tanks and reservoirs.
TRS is not a single technology but a portfolio of aeration technologies: sprayers, aerators, mixers. We combine these tools with proprietary design and performance modeling software to create in-tank aeration systems that are cost and energy-optimized. Unlike other aeration systems, the TRS is customized for each tank and for each tank’s operating conditions to maximize effectiveness while minimizing cost.

A Sustainable and Economical Tool for Stage 2 Compliance
It provides municipalities and engineers with an additional tool to address disinfection by-products in the distribution system. By combining TRS with other water quality improvements, water systems can reach their Stage 2 DBP goals more quickly and at a lower cost.

Utility Service and PAX Water Technologies Partnership
TRS is the product of a partnership between Utility Service Company and PAX Water Technologies, giving Utility Service exclusive rights to market TRS in the United States. PAX Water is the industry leader in energy-efficient hydrodynamic design. Utility Service is the nation’s leading provider of tank asset management and water quality services. By working together, we are able to provide municipalities with well-designed, reliably-installed turn-key sustainable solutions for potable water distribution systems.


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Trihalomethane Removal Systems
TRS is a custom-designed, in-tank aeration system which optimizes THM removal in potable water tanks and reservoirs to assist with STAGE 1 and STAGE 2 DBP Rule compliance.
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Trihalomethane Removal Systems


The Trihalomethane Removal System (TRS) for water storage tanks

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