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Proactive operation and maintenance extends your assets' longevity and lowers costs

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Advanced Monitoring Services:
Utility Service Group utilizes best practices and modern, proven technologies to increase your knowledge about the operations of your water system. Our service includes the design, installation, monitoring and analyses of network parameters (pressure, flow, water quality, events detection, sectorization, water balance) using tools, technologies and information systems.

Value of Utility Service Group Monitoring Solutions:

  • Increased knowledge and understanding of the performance of the distribution system to reduce NRW, pipe breaks, surges and energy consumption
  • Proactive and anticipatory operational decision capabilities to improve the performance of the distribution system
  • Detect events in your system to anticipate breakdowns, avoid risks and correct inefficiencies to save money
  • Intelligent data treatment, statistical analysis and events detection enable analysis, match patterns and filter false alarms
  • Operational dashboard with workflow to process and interpret events
  • Unique, proprietary software suite enables distribution system performance optimization


Utility Service Group Monitoring Applications:

  • Solutions requiring monitoring of almost any parameter: pressure, flow, water balance, level, temperature,
    energy, chlorine, PH, ORP and much more!
  • Wells performance monitoring
  • Pressure Monitoring and Management (reduction in water loss, quality of service, setting optimization and transients analysis)
  • Progressive Distribution System Sectorization (1st, 2nd and 3rd level ‐ events pre‐location, permanent and/or dynamic
  • Energy efficiency monitoring
  • Water quality and treatment systems monitoring
  • Water resources and storage tank monitoring



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