Leak Detection Services

Helium leak detection technology for water supply systems

  • Helium Leak Detection Technology
  • Helium Leak Detection Technology
  • Helium Leak Detection Technology
  • Helium Leak Detection Technology
Proven, Safe, Accurate and Efficient

This innovative technology is only available through Utility Service Company and has been used effectively throughout the world.

Accurately identify and locate leaks in large and small diameter pipes and in pipes of all materials including metallic, plastic, and concrete.. "All-in-one" leak detection and correlation.

Works in high or low pressurized pipelines regardless of flow characteristics or network configuration, while keeping the water system live and in service – no need to drain or depressurize the water system.  

  • No effect on water quality or public health
  • Integral part of reducing Non-Revenue Water from your water system
  • Cutting edge technology, approach and solution


  • Reduction in real water losses in the system
  • Simultaneously detect leaks and finds their location
  • Not affected by background noise like acoustic leak detection methods
  • Improvement of Non-Revenue Water parameters
  • Conserves valuable water resources
  • Reduces the costs (power, chemical, people) of treating and distributing water to customers
  • Mitigates the need to invest in new water supply infrastructure
  • Reduces purchased water needs for the community
  • Reduces the risk of contamination from ground water and other substances entering the water system through leaks or breaks
  • Nothing to get lost or stuck in pipe during the process
  • Effective in transmission mains with few or very distant access points    


  • High purity helium gas is in injected into the live water system through specialized equipment
  • Dissolved helium circulates throughout the water system in desired areas
  • Helium escapes through water leaks in the pipe wall
  • Helium separates from the leaking water outside the pipe and rises to the surface where it is measured above ground
  • High levels of helium above ground identify the location of the leak
  • A single injection of Helium gas travels a long distance throughout the water system and remains for several days allowing our teams to quickly “walk the lines” searching for escaped gas

Helium Facts...

  • Helium is a safe non-flammable, non-combustible, tasteless and odorless gas
  • It is commonly used in the medical, diving, and manufacturing industries
  • It’s lighter than air and water, making it easy to detect above water lines
  • 2nd most abundant element in the universe – we breathe it every single day
  • Safe inert “noble” gas that does not react with water or the water distribution system components

Water Leaks and Non Revenue Water
Non Revenue Water (NRW) is water produced and lost during the water cycle. Much of the water lost is from leaking water mains, service line pipes and connections, and pipe breaks; a considerable amount of which can be prevented with a leak detection program. NRW is a global crisis, with upwards of 60% water loss in some water systems. It is estimated that the total worldwide cost of NRW is $14 billion annually, capable of serving 200 million people. In the United States, an estimated 7 billion gallons of NRW is lost daily.

It is well documented that much of America's water pipes have reached or are nearing their intended useful lives. Consequently, our old piping systems are prone to leakage, costing us millions in production and distribution costs to supply America's thirst for safe drinking water.


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Helium Leak Detection Brochure (click on brochure to download pdf)

Helium Leak Detection
This innovative technology is only available through Utility Service Group, and is protected by international patents. Accurately identify and locate leaks in all pipe materials including metallic, plastic, concrete, and clay. Detects leaks in small to large diameter pipes. Download Brochure
Helium Leak Detection


White Papers

Helium Leak Detection 
Technology & Protocol

Helium Leak Detection Technology & Protocol
Paul Meschino, P.E., Utility Service Company, (404) 291-5734
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Press Release April 1, 2013 -
Utility Service Group earns certification from NSF International for injecting helium into drinking water distribution systems to detect leaks.
ATLANTA, Ga. - Utility Service Group, which has proudly served the water industry for over 50 years, has earned certification from NSF International for injecting helium into drinking water distribution systems to detect leaks in pipes and water supply components such as valves, fire hydrants, customer service connections and water meters. The highly innovative technology allows water system operators to identify and locate leaks in all pipe materials and pipe diameters.

NSF International, a global independent public health organization that writes standards and tests, and certifies products for the water, food, health sciences, and consumer goods industries, evaluated Utility Service Group's technology to verify compliance with NSF/ANSI Standard 60: Drinking Water Treatment Chemicals -- Health Effects requirements. The NSF International standard establishes health effects requirements for the chemicals, the chemical contaminants, and the impurities added to drinking water from drinking water treatment chemicals. It requires a full formulation disclosure of all chemical ingredients and testing of the treatment chemical products so that trace levels of contaminants can be detected.

The technology has proven to accurately identify and locate leaks in a single step. Unlike other tracer gas technologies, the helium process is implemented in live drinking water mains without the need to shut down, isolate, depressurize, or dewater the water supply system.

"We are pleased that Utility Service Group has selected NSF International to certify the quality of the helium it uses in its leak detection programs. Communities can feel confident that the helium has been tested and complies with the stringent American National Standard for drinking water chemicals health effects," says Dave Purkiss, General Manager, Drinking Water Treatment and Distribution Systems Program, NSF International, who led the development of the American National Standards for all materials and products that treat or come in contact with drinking water.

Utility Service Group is the only company to receive NSF/ANSI 60 certification for helium. "This milestone enables the entire U.S. water market to benefit from this significant advancement in technology, and further demonstrates Utility Service Group's leadership in bringing innovation to the water industry", says Paul Meschino, Senior Vice President for Utility Service Group.

The technology can be used in any size pipe, of any length, and any material. Consequently it is applicable for water distribution systems and transmission mains. The performance of the technology is not affected by background noise, electrical interference, low pressure, intermittent service, pipe material, water system configuration, pipe entry, or long distances between "listening" points such as valves, hydrants, or meters along the water lines which reduces the effectiveness of acoustic leak detection devices.

For more information on the technology, please contact:
Paul Meschino, P.E. at (404) 291-5734 or pmeschino@utilityservice.com

About Utility Service Group -
Utility Service Group is a fully integrated professional service and contracting firm dedicated to providing sustainable products and services for potable water distribution systems and sewage collection systems. Our services include GASB34 compliant asset management programs for potable water storage tanks, tank active mixing systems, chemical cleaning for biofilm removal within the tank or at the treatment plant, and in-tank aeration technologies to remove THM's. Our network services for drinking water systems include valve & hydrant maintenance services, leak detection and non-revenue water solutions, GIS/GPS data integration and management, smart metering, and the unique ice pigging technology for cleaning distribution systems. For sewage collection, our network services include capital investment planning and smart sewer cleaning solutions.

About NSF -
NSF International is a global independent organization that writes standards, and tests and certifies products for the water, food and consumer goods industries to minimize adverse health effects and protect the environment (www.nsf.org). Founded in 1944, NSF is committed to protecting human health and safety worldwide. NSF has been collaborating with the World Health Organization since 1997 in water quality and safety, food safety and indoor environments. NSF International's Water Programs require extensive product testing and unannounced audits of production facilities to verify that water treatment products meet the design, material and performance requirements. NSF International is accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). NSF led the development of the American National Standards for all materials and products that treat or come in contact with drinking water. In 1990, the U.S. EPA replaced its own drinking water product advisory program with these NSF standards. Today, all major plumbing codes require certification to NSF standards for pipes and plumbing components in commercial and residential buildings.
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