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Employer of Choice

As Utility Service works towards phenomenal growth in the next decade, our most valuable partners continue to be our employees, with whom we have a solid relationship based on mutual respect.

Working at Utility Service

Utility Service offers an opportunity to build a life-long career with growth potential and a real sense of pride in work well done. We believe that attitude counts as much as skill. As a result, Utility Service hires motivated people. We train them to perform their jobs superbly, and create an environment where they can flourish. Ultimately, our culture breeds success, and rewards it in many different ways.

Corporate Office

Utility Service’s Corporate Office is located in Atlanta Georgia.  Through various departments, Corporate Headquarters provides strategic direction for the company and supports regional operations.


With a culture built on mutual respect, a growing world of opportunities and an environment that supports the personal drive for excellence, a Utility Service career can be exceptionally rewarding.

We are happy to say that our employees tend to stay with us for a long time. The term of service among our senior executives and general managers averages over 15 years. Starting at relatively junior levels, many of them progressed by benefiting from our individual career planning and development system as well as management training programs.

As part of our commitment to our people, we are proud to offer competitive compensation and benefit plans to all qualified employees.

Company-wide benefits

  • Career growth opportunities
  • Succession Planning
  • Best-in-industry training
  • Incentive bonus / competitive salaries
  • Paid holidays / vacation
  • Vision Benefits
  • Educational assistance
  • Dental and medical  / disability / life insurance
  • 401(k) Plan
  • Company Stock Options

Learning and Development

At Utility Service, each learning activity aims to have an impact on our customers’ experience and supports the culture of the Company. By investing in and committing to effective training at all levels, we build competence and confidence in our employees, thus enabling us to sustain a competitive advantage in service excellence.


Utility Service offers internship opportunities to undergraduates and graduates who want to get a head start in their career. An internship allows you to experience the Utility Service culture, learn our standards and gain exposure to various areas of the business. 

Frequent Asked Questions 

Frequently Asked Questions (click here)


What benefits do you offer?
View our benefits above

Campus recruitment

How do I find out about college recruiting events?
View our event calendar


Why conduct an internship with Utility Service?
We believe that internships are a valuable part of education, and support educational establishments and students by offering internship experiences. By conducting an internship with Utility Service, students not only experience our culture and learn our service philosophy, they also have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience and be exposed to various aspects of the business environment.
How can I apply for an internship?
Contact the Human Resources department. View (link to document or contact information)
What is the recruitment process for internships?
Every applicant will participate in a two-stage telephone or, preferably, face-to-face interview.

Job descriptions

How do I locate the job description for a position?
Please view job openings for an overview of departments and positions at Utility Service for descriptions of departmental functions in our Atlanta Corporate Office. Detailed job descriptions are available when you search and view specific jobs online, or directly. (document link)

Searching for Utility Service jobs

How do I search for jobs that are currently available?
You can quickly find all open positions in the (link to document) section, where you can browse locations and submit a resume / CV.
How will I know when a new opportunity becomes available?
New positions are continuously being posted on our web site, so do check back often.
Can I apply for more than one position at a time?
You can apply for more than one position at a time. You are also able to retract yourself from consideration if you wish.
If there are no open positions that are suitable for me, can I still submit a resume / CV to Utility Service?
Absolutely. Your resume / CV will be stored in our system and will be searchable by our global recruitment staff.
How will I know that you have received my application?
You will receive acknowledgement of receipt of your application when you apply online.
How will I know if I have been successful in my application?
We will contact you within three weeks, either by telephone or e-mail, to let you know the outcome of your interview.
Why was my application unsuccessful?
While it is not possible to give all applicants specific feedback regarding the reasons they were unsuccessful, the main reasons will be:
1. Their current skills and experience are not in line with the requirements of the role.
2. When shortlisting a number of applicants, there were stronger applicants for the role.

How long will my resume / CV and application remain on file?
All resumes / CVs and applications will remain in our database indefinitely. However, if you are interested in exploring job opportunities with Utility Service, it is advisable to keep your resume / CV and profile up to date.