AQUADVANCED™ Real-Time Performance Management System for Drinking Water Systems

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Reduce water loss, optimize network operations and share information

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In the USA, nearly six billion gallons of treated water are lost every day. These staggering water losses are mainly due to leaky, aging pipes in outdated water systems. These aging water infrastructures need constant monitoring, maintenance and regular repairs and upgrades to prevent further deterioration that leads to loss of efficiency, frequent service disruptions and increasing operating costs. In response to these challenges, SUEZ (Utility Service Co., Inc.) launched Aquadvanced™ an innovative software solution that allows water utilities to monitor drinking water networks in real time. Aquadvanced™ collects data from sensors which continuously monitor the hydraulic behavior of the drinking water system and creates a dashboard which allows operators to observe performance indicators (flow, pressure, quality) in real-time to detect abnormal events, prevent crisis and optimize operations. The software centralizes and analyses all the data and turns it into a powerful decision-making aid.

In real time, AQUADVANCED™ provides:

  • A dashboard of hydraulic performance with the main monitoring indicators such as the network yield.
  • A map of the network and its sectors of consumption with positions of equipment and a display of available measurements.
  • Continuously updated list of abnormal events and locations from water to customer complaints and operating actions.


Benefits for the Water Utility:

  • Monitor the functioning of the distribution network, overall and by hydraulic sector, in real time
  • Anticipate and manage crisis situations (water cuts, water quality incidents, etc.)
  • Reduce water losses
  • Improve the management of operating teams
  • Ensure the transparency and accessibility of information to the public community and to users


Benefits for the Consumer:

  • Less frequent and shorter water interruptions
  • Improved pressure and water quality
  • More efficient customer service.


Aquadvanced Energy™

Aquadvanced Energy™ is a module which helps utilities choose the best times to schedule pumping to take advantage of lower electricity time-of-day and demand tariffs. Aquadvanced Energy™ simulates and compares multiple operating scenarios in real-time to increase the energy efficiency of the network, thus improving its environmental footprint.

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AQUADVANCED™ Energy Brochure

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Click here to download an overview of the AQUADVANCED™ system.


AQUADVANCED™ Energy Videos
AQUADVANCED™ Energy Overview
Click here to download an overview of the AQUADVANCED™ Energy module.

Click here to download a demo of the AQUADVANCED™ Energy module.